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Being situated by the Western edge of the Mediterranean Sea boarding North Africa, Algiers is the largest and the capital city of Algeria. This coastal city is also known as Alger la Blanche which means ?Algiers the White.' Due to the fact that a majority of the buildings situated in Algiers are whitewashed and can be seen glistening from the sea, the city is denoted as such. Travelers visiting Algiers will encounter two distinctive features of the city as it comprises modern and ancient cities. The modern town is located along the coastline whilst the ancient city is located approximately 120 meters above from the sea level in the highlands situated behind the modern city. The olden city comprises various vintage ruins of Deys, the rulers of Algiers and Tripoli during the Ottoman Empire which was in power from 1671 to 1830 until the French invasion. Walking down the narrow streets of Kasbah, one of Algiers?s UNESCO World Heritage Sites, a spiritual visit to the Great Mosque of Algiers, dining at the restaurants and cafes located closer to the port, off the main street are some activities that you should not miss during your visit to Algiers. Embark on the Algiers holidays from Hotelslog and enjoy the great holiday deals. Our all-inclusive holidays to Algiers open the doors to witness a city that is home to diverse tourist?s attractions.

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