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Hotels In Taba

Taba is located between the southern border of Egypt and Israel. Situated in the Sinai Peninsula it?s a popular spot for Red Sea diving. Pack your bags and experience this quaint Egyptian border town with low-cost holidays to Taba from Hotelslog. Hotelslog makes planning a holiday fun and hassle free. Our team of experts will advise you on best times to visit a location while updating you on seasonal offers and great hotel discounts, via our cheap all-inclusive holiday packages to Taba. Book holidays to Taba and experience Red Sea diving and exploring its rocky shores. The Hilton-Casino hotel is located right at the border crossing if you are feeling lucky while excursions to Mount Sinai and Petra in Jordan are readily available. Our budget friendly holiday packages will help you plan and choose a hotel that is well suited to your needs, get to Taba and visit Castle Zaman which overlooks the Gulf of Aqaba offering gorgeous views across the mountains. One of the main attractions here is the tantalizing cuisine, indulge in roasted seafood and meat, sip a cocktail and enjoy a gorgeous sunset. Choose an inexpensive holiday package to beautiful Taba today!

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