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Gambia is the smallest nation in mainland Africa, and is situated on either side of the Gambia River, which is named after the country. Gambia was once a hotspot of the African slave trade under Portuguese and English rule, and is now home to a burgeoning tourism industry. Book holidays to Gambia and enjoy the lovely beaches along the West African coast, or get the ideal African holiday, where you will see lots of wildlife and ancient African cultures. The capital city of Banjul, located near the mouth of the Gambia River, is one of the most popular attractions. Other popular attractions in Gambia include Jufureh, which is known for its historical significance and home to a museum; Kachikally crocodile pool, which is used in fertility rituals; and Janjanbureh, a town known for its historical attractions, including the Wassu stone circles, a series of historical monuments consisting of large stones arranged to form circular shapes. Hotelslog offers all inclusive holidays to make your trip to Gambia a memorable one. Get in touch with one of our experts today, and leave everything to us. Book holidays to Gambia with us and experience this tiny West African nation at its very best.

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