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This vibrant capital city of Gambia is well established as a popular package holiday destination amongst British and European tourists. You too could enjoy a great holiday on this gorgeous coastal city with cheap holidays to Banjul from Hotelslog. Banjul is a small city located on an island and has a very low population, ask our experts about the best season to visit this West African city. Check out our budget friendly all-inclusive holidays to Banjul for super travel discounts on flights and accommodation. Book holidays to Banjul and discover the gorgeous beaches, soak up the sun and look forward to endless days of rest and relaxation. Visit the African Heritage Museum and browse Albert Market for great finds and loads of souvenirs. Our comprehensive travel packages cover cheap flights, budget friendly accommodation and choosing flexible booking options from the comfort of your home. Enjoy the freshest seafood at the vibrant restaurants on Kololi Beach browse the sunny beach bars and relish the spectacular sunsets with a glass of local Julbrew. For a great holiday on the North Atlantic coast of West Africa?s smallest country choose a low cost holiday to beautiful Banjul from Hotelslog.

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