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Morocco?s political capital may lack on the best tourist attractions in the region, but it does compensate with plenty of charm. Rabat is enchanting, evocative and welcoming in its own right - from its tidy, palm-fringed boulevards and clean, central beach, Rabat is a blessed relief from the other larger cities in Morocco. While travelers often set their sights in Fes or Marrakech for their Moroccon holidays, Rabat is a holiday destination should not be missed. This centuries-old city that overlooks the mighty Atlantic Ocean has much to offer for visitors. Read on to discover an array of attractions to visit and why holidays in Rabat is a truly magical experience: Chellah tops the list as one of the most iconic attractions in Rabat. An archaic, fortified city, nestled deep in the heart of Rabat, Chellah is a remains of a pre-Islamic city that was abandoned in 1154 and then rebuilt by Merenid Sultan. Chellah is a wildly atmospheric city, teeming with history and charm. The city is dotted with abandoned buildings and overgrown plants intertwined with immaculately maintained public pathways and colourful flowers and a myriad of enthralling Roman and Islamic ruins. Another attraction is the Hassan Tower. Intended by the Almohads to be the minaret of a majestic mosque, but now, at first sight, the tower appears as if it fell and split in half. Replete with stunningly intricate designs, this tower and the intriguing surroundings is a must-visit on a travel to Rabat. Just opposite the Hassan Tower lies the tomb of King Mohammed V and his two sons. Visitors will be activated by the gold-leaf ceiling and detailed carvings that grace the plain white building.

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