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Travel to Zanzibar and you?ll discover that it is an island of ancient Indian Ocean atolls, overflowing with ambience, fascination, and peaceful beach encounters. There are heaps of lodging choices over the price range, and lots to view, do and uncover. As the native land of the Swahili, location of Sultans' Palaces and famous for its spice estates, the tiny island republic of Zanzibar is shown larger-than-life on the world map and is a must-view at the conclusion of any holiday to Tanzania. Get off the boat or plane onto the Zanzibar Island and you?re taken across time and place. This is one of the world's best traditional intersections, where Africa encounters Arabia encounters the Indian Ocean. Holidays in Zanzibar would take you to Zanzibar Town, where the slim lanes of ancient Stone Town twist amid historic constructions adorned with terraces and massive sculpted doors. Meanwhile, on the shore, fishing boats go out to sea, and in the rural area farmers care for pastures of rice or the clove estates that offer Zanzibar its 'Spice Islands' nickname. Past these slightly altered customs, tourists view a very diverse terrain. The tranquil beaches are scattered with resorts, and the sea turns into a park for snorkeling, kitesurfing and diving. With its tropical portrayal and exceptional lifestyle, and an energetic beach-party setting for those that need it, the Zanzibar Archipelago provides a captivating and extremely fun East African Indian Ocean encounter so book flights to Zanzibar right now!

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