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Tokyo is the metropolis of Japan. At about 13 million inhabitants in the official urbane region alone, Tokyo is the center of the most inhabited urban district in the world, Tokyo Metropolis (which comprises of a population of around 37 million people). This large, affluent and captivating capital brings high-tech imaginations of the future together with sights of ancient Japan, and has something for all travellers. Tokyo is extensive: it's best known not as an individual city, but a group of cities that have originated together. Tokyo's regions differ broadly by personality, from the electronic roar of Akihabara to the Imperial gardens and temples of Chiyoda, from the excessively active youth culture Mecca of Shibuya to the pottery stores and shrine markets of Asakusa. If you don't like what you see, get on the train and travel to the next station, and you would discover something completely different. Joining the past and future, Tokyo impresses with its customary lifestyle and desire for everything current. Yes, Tokyo has more Michelin stars than any other metropolis. Yes, Japanese food has been put on to the Unesco Intangible Cultural Heritage list. But that's not what makes eating in Tokyo such a breathtaking encounter, what truly accounts are the city's fixed crafty lifestyle. For the affordable flights and cheap lodging check out the all-inclusive holiday deals to Tokyo from Hotelslog we also add adjustable booking choices for the utmost benefit. Start preparing right now to experience Tokyo the best way possible!

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