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The Philippines is an island in South-East Asia of nearly seven thousand islands situated amid the Philippine Sea and the South China Sea at the very eastern border of Asia. Various marvellous beaches are just a portion of one of the world's lengthiest shorelines and it takes around 20 years to spend one day on every isle. Since Spanish colonial periods, the country has been Asia's biggest Catholic country. Almost a hundred racial sets, a blend of foreign impacts and a combination of lifestyle and arts have increased the difference of the Filipino personality and the fascination that is the Philippines. The Philippines is not only the biggest Christian country in Asia, but also it is the world's third biggest Catholic State. The Catholic faith is still the single largest heritage of three hundred years of Spanish colonial control. The weather is tropical, with March to May (summer) being the hottest times. The rainy period begins in June and lasts until October with powerful typhoons likely. The chilliest months are from November until February, with mid-January to end of February thought to be the ideal time for cooler and dryer climates. For affordable flights and cheap lodging check out the all-inclusive holidays to Philippines from Hotelslog we also add flexible booking choices for the utmost profit. Start planning right now to experience an unforgettable Philippine holiday!

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