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Bentota is a seaside town in Sri Lanka, situated in the Galle District of the Southern Province, ruled by an Urban Council. It is around 65 kilometers about 40 miles south of Colombo and 56 kilometers around 35 miles north of Galle; and it is yours to tour with all-inclusive holidays to Bentota from Hotelslog. It is one of the many tourist appeals, with a small amount and top leading hotels. It is a destination for water activities. Bentota also provides an age-old technique of healing known as Ayurveda. Bentota is popular for its toddy manufacture, an alcoholic drink prepared out of coconut nectar. It also has a turtle hatchery, situated on Induruwa beach. Bentota is an ancient place recounted in old messenger poems. The Galapatha Viharaya is one of a collection of five old shrines in the district. Some of the other appeals found here are; the famous Kosgoda Turtle Hatchery situated 11 kilometers, around 6.8 miles south of Bentota, is a colony formed turtle hatchery and turtle viewing scheme arranged by the Turtle Conservation Project (TCP) in alliance with the Wildlife Department of Sri Lanka, and then there?s also the Brief Garden situated 11 kilometers, about 6.8 miles inland from Bentota, is the house and garden of famous Sri Lankan landscape designer, Bevis Bawa, the elder brother of designer Geoffrey Bawa. Set up in 1929 on the land of an earlier rubber estate Bawa remained to grow the property until his demise in 1992. Discover Bentota by booking all-inclusive holidays to Bentota with Hotelslog including cheap flights, affordable accommodations and flexible booking options. Plan your holiday to Bentota right away!

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