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Trincomalee, which is frequently known as Trinco, is a city in North Eastern Sri Lanka. The city saw plenty of fighting in the time of the civil war but has currently been moving past that, rapidly developing into a fascinating tourist site with respectable beaches and sights. Trinco is popular for its stunning beaches in the adjacent Uppuveli (6km) and Nilaveli (12km) north of the city. Trincomalee is a very close-packed town so walking is the best method to view the town. For lengthier tours tuk-tuks (three-wheeler rickshaws) are obtainable at almost every corner. To get to Uppuveli (LKR20) or Nilaveli (LKR40) catch a bus from the bus station in town. You could also hire a bicycle or a motorbike for a day to travel around Trincomalee city and the beaches, it's a pleasant way to discover the region. Fort Fredrick is an ancient Dutch fort situated on a cape east of the town center. it is really pleasant and a fine place to tour. There is a nice Hindu temple on top of the ridge at the end of the cape with beautiful sights, there is also Pigeon Island national park, 1km offshore, which could be reached with native tour dealers (just question your hotel or inn) and is favored for its white sand, rock pigeon reproduction grounds and shark glimpses. It?s around LKR2000-3000 for the boat, National Park entrance, processing fee as well as VAT. Book holidays to Trincomalee with Hotelslog and gain from our all-inclusive holidays which comprise of affordable flights, inexpensive lodging and adaptable booking options. We at Hotelslog are committed to make sure that your holiday to Trincomalee is the best!

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