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Viet Nam is a country in South East Asia, and is among the most populous countries in the world. Predominanly a Buddhist country, the rich history of the country and its culture show the impact Buddhism has had on it over the centuries. Holidays to Viet Nam are always amazing, with so many places to visit, and so many things to see. Hanoi, the bustling capital city, is well-worth a visit, and so is the older capital of Ho Chi Minh City. The country is home to no less than 31 national parks, several biosphere reserves included, and a few historical world heritage sites, including the imperial capital city of Hu?, the ancient trading port city of H?i An, and Imperial Citadel of Thang Long. With a burgeoning economy and a tourist sector that is geared for the future, Viet Nam is one of the top destinations in your next South East Asian holiday. Hotelslog offers all inclusive holidays to make your trip to Viet Nam a memorable one. Get in touch with one of our experts today, and leave everything to us. Book holidays to Viet Nam with us and experience this southeast Asian nation at its very best.

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