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Hotels In Guardalavaca

Guardalavaca despite its name which literarily means Guard the Cows is a great holiday destination thanks to its Caribbean like quality. The name is believed to be a historical reference to the area?s history when cattle farmers would have to guard their cattle from pirates. Enjoy yourself at the Play Guardalavaca which is the mail public beach that has a long stretch of beach that provides access to the warm blue waters of the ocean. The area is dotted with beach bars from which you can get refreshing cocktails, cold beers, juices and snacks. Head on over to the popular Guardalavaca Souvenir Market to buy some unique items as presents and souvenirs. Here you can mingle with other visitors for a multi-cultural experience. All inclusive holidays take care of all your travel requirements from air tickets to accommodation so that all you have to do is concentrate on making the most of the experience. Book holidays to Guardalavaca in Cuba and enjoy this uniquely named city that gives you a great time.

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