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Panama is a state in Central America with shores on both the Caribbean Sea and the North Pacific Ocean, with Colombia (also South America) located to the southeast and Costa Rica (as well as North America) situated to the northwest. It's critically situated on the neck that creates the land bridge linking North and South America and manages the Panama Canal that connects the North Atlantic Ocean along the Caribbean Sea with the North Pacific Ocean, one of the most significant shipping course in the world. Panama is famous as the 'Crossroads of the Americas' because of its wealthy spot amid North and South America. The native definition of the country's title, 'abundance of fish', mirror?s Panama's status as a heaven for water activity fans and eco-tourists similarly. As the neck linking two huge mainland?s, Panama's vegetation and animals are amazingly varied. For instance, Panama possess around 900 various bird types. Panama's numerous native tribes are still flourishing, staying in the same age-old way as their forefathers, making its cultural fabric uncommonly wealthy. Book holidays to Panama with Hotelslog and profit from our all-inclusive holidays which include cheap flights, affordable lodging and flexible booking options. We at Hotelslog are devoted to make sure that your holiday to Panama is the best!

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