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Innsbruck is the regional metropolis of Tyrol. Its 120,000 inhabitants make it the fifth biggest city in Austria. It was one of the eight host towns in the 2008 European Football Championships. It has twice held the Winter Olympics making it not only a captivating and stunning located city but the 'biggest ski center in the alps'. It is situated both nearby to Munich and northern Italy making it a must visit mountaintop destination. The city is famous for its sporting chances, mainly mountain sports, as it is in the Alps and encircled by mountains. Many ski retreats are located within the city region or inside short distance. Innsbruck was one of the hubs of snowboard boom back in the 1990's and the derived clear-cut cultural groups lasted until today. The society of skateboarders, snowboarders and people similarly is therefore over average and nothing uncommon to the natives. This lifestyle is also commemorated by a lot of occasions in and around Innsbruck mainly during the winter period, enticing (mostly young) people from all over the world. Book all-inclusive holidays to Innsbruck with Hotelslog and profit from our deals which include cheap flights, affordable lodging and flexible booking choices. We at Hotelslog are committed to make sure that your holiday to Innsbruck is a memorable one!

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