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Bruges is a town in Flanders, the northern portion of Belgium. Comparatively refined and conventional given its petite size, it is one of the best conserved pre-motorised towns in Europe and provides the type of beauty hardly obtainable anywhere else. Bruges is a postcard ideal halt on any trip of Europe and it is yours to tour with all-inclusive holidays to Bruges from Hotelslog. Cycling in Bruges is the ideal method to find the historical hub. Bruges inhabitants make extreme use of their bikes. Up to 60% of all arriving traffic in the city hub are cyclists. Bruges could be illustrated as a city where cycling is acquainted and where the city government puts a lot of attempt to boost cycling in this city. Once over the surrounding canal and within the city walls, Bruges closes in around you with street after street of delightful ancient houses and a canal always close-by. Chocolate shops are abundant and the quality is always high. There are lots of arts and crafts outlets too, with some brilliant native designers. Discover Bruges by booking all-inclusive holidays to Bruges with Hotelslog comprising of in-expensive flights, cheap lodgings and flexible booking choices. Organise your holiday to Bruges right away!

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