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Visit Brussels and be in on the latest travel action. The capital of Belgium has fast developed as the latest to be seen travel destination as many go there for their holidays or even weekend getaways. From the breathtaking architecture to the massive quantity of museums, parks with beautiful paths, and bars and restaurants, Brussels is filled with things to do and see. It is not for nothing that the city has been nicknamed ?the European Village?. With a holiday to Brussels you can indulge your inner foodie and of course for dessert, Belgium chocolates are a must. Take a bus sightseeing tour of Brussels which is a convenient way of taking in most of the attractions. The Grand Palace is a must visit 15th century town square and the Peeing Boy not too far away are famous attractions. Another grand structure to visit would be the Palais de Justice and take the time to go to Mini Europe Brussels which has miniatures of some of the world?s greatest monuments such as the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Eiffel tower and Mount Vesuvius to mention a few. Brussels has become a definite must visit and by opting for all inclusive holidays to Brussels the hassle of planning is removed. Hotelslog holiday packages help find you cheap air tickets, affordable accommodation and also arrange tours with activities of interest to you.

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