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Travel to Borovets and you?ll find that even though it?s obscured by the more fashionable Bansko ski retreat in the Pirin Mountains, this destination holds 58km of pistes and a large apr?s-ski lifestyle that attracts native and overseas tourists in multitudes amid mid-December and early April. Borovets, a tiny settlement with structures huddled together in the encircling pine jungles, is Bulgaria?s primary winter resort. During your holidays in Borovets you?ll also learn that it was set-up during 1896 by the then Bulgarian royal family, the resort is residence to the tallest mountain in the Balkans, Mount Musala. The resort base is typically jammed amid the enormous Rila and Samokov hotels, while skiing happens in the Yastrebetz and Markudjik ski regions, about half an hour away by cable car, and in the native Sitnyakovo region, which has tracks heading back down to the resort base. On your tours in Borovets you?ll discover that the resort has a solid status with learner and early transitional skiers, but residents know there?s lots of testing tracks here as well. With excellent gear, a great range of tracks and a charge much lesser than rival resorts in Western Europe, means Bulgaria?s first resort is expected to keep attracting skiers for years to come. Book flights to Borovets located on the northern hills of the Rila Mountains, towards the west of Bulgaria, 72km (45 miles) south of the metropolis of Sofia. Borovets is the nation?s oldest ski resort and is the first spot for hiking the 2,925m-tall (9,596ft) Mount Musala. Holidays to this region could also be organized through tour operators with package holidays; so talk to the travel experts at Hotelslog to book your next holiday to Borovets and experience all that this small town destination has to offer every single traveler who visits this stunning place!

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