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Sofia is the capital and biggest metropolis of Bulgaria. The city is at the base of Vitosha Mountain in the western portion of the nation. Being in the middle of the Balkan cape, it is midway amid the Black Sea and the Adriatic Sea, and nearest to the Aegean Sea. The metropolis?s normal altitude is 550 meters above ocean level, the weather is average and central, categorized by chilly winters and fairly cool summers. Travel to Sofia and you?ll find that Bulgaria?s pleasantly relaxed metropolis is frequently unnoticed by tourists travelling to the shore or the ski retreats, but they're missing something exceptional. This destination is no magnificent city, but on your holidays in Sofia you?ll discover that it's a contemporary, young metropolis, with a handful of onion-roof chapels, Ottoman mosques and persistent Red Army shrines that loan a diverse, tropical sense to it. Excavation work performed during the building of the metro revealed a treasure stash of Roman remains from around 2000 years ago, when the metropolis was known as 'Serdica'. Aside from the structures and avenues, massive parks and trimmed gardens provide a welcome break, and the ski hills and trekking paths of colossal Mt Vitosha are just a brief bus trip from the centre. Home to several of Bulgaria's premium galleries, museums, clubs and restaurants, Sofia might encourage you to hang around and tour more. Established thousands of years ago, currently the metropolis keeps growing as the nation?s traditional and financial hub. As of now, it has occupants of nearly 1,250,000.

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