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As Croatia?s second largest city, Split is a very busy town that remains as one of the Adriatic?s most colourful and bustling port cities. Given the city?s glorious location between the sea and the magnificent mountains, Split is home to a number of natural wonders. This city is also the cultural and economic center of the Dalmatian coast and as a result, it is common to see Split abuzz with islanders who come to the city to work while ferries carry eager tourists out into the islands. To dig in a little into Split?s history, it was actually the Romans who put this city on the map when Diocletian the Emperor built his retirement palace here back in the 4th century. As the main attraction of Split, Diocletian?s Palace is a World Heritage Site which resembles a walled town. Split was originally built around this palace where locals sought refuge so many centuries ago. Even in the midst of the cultural and political changes following the rule of the Byzantines, the Croatian Kings, the Austrians, Venetians and Italians, Split has endured its own stature and echoes of the city?s history can be felt within the many Roman ruins and medieval churches located here. It?s not all historical attractions here though; Split also boasts of a world-class nightlife scene and its stylish restaurants, boutique shops and trendy malls ensure that visitors to the city enjoy the very best. Outside of the Palace?s walls is the seaside promenade, Riva. This is a perfect spot for people-watching too and the seaside views here are spectacular. To the north and west of the Palace walls is the Veli Varos neighbourhood that was developed between the 14th and 17th centuries and the narrow winding roads lead up to the Marjan hill which offers magnificent views of the entire city.

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