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Located in the Northern Dalmatian coastline, Zadar in Croatia is a very beautiful city that prides itself on its rich cultural heritage and history. Occupying an area of more than nine square miles, Zadar is home to a population of 15,000 people. The cultural heritage of this city is so profound owing its the fact that Zadar was occupied and influenced by many empires, including the Roman, Byzantine, Austrian and Venetian empires and all these various influences are evident in the unique attractions and architectural elements in the city. Today, Zadar is a very relaxed tourist destination that has slowly but steadily risen on the tourism radar. Flaunting a unique mix of historic Roman ruins, cosmopolitan cafes, intriguing museums and medieval churches, there are no shortages of sights to see and explore in this wonderful city. Besides, Zadar has it all - from ancient relics and stunning elegance to coastal settings and much more, ticking all the boxes to make this an epic destination. If you are planning on visiting Zadar, be sure to pay a visit to the St. Donatus Church which is the largest Byzantine building in Croatia. The church has magnificent acoustics and is the key venue for medieval musical festivals as well. To take a glimpse at history, visit the Museum of Glass which is located in the stunning Cosmacendi Palace that was built way back in the 18th century. This museum displays a large collection of Roman glassware that was recovered from archeological findings in the area and the fine artisan craftsmanship that can be seen in the beautiful goblets, vials, jars and cups on display here are not-to-be-missed too. Visitors can also watch glass-blowing demonstrations to gain an idea as to how these elegant items are created.

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