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Hotels In Larnaca

Larnaca is the third largest city in Cyprus and is an area that has many attractions to keep visitors entertained. Holidays to Larnaca will incorporate beautiful scenery, gorgeous beaches and waterfronts. While in Larnaca be sure to visit such places as Kiton. It is an ancient state along the southern coast of Cyprus. It is an interesting historical location that has been excavated. The Europe Square has the first colonial buildings and is a place that brings history to the present. With places such as the Municipal Gallery of Modern Art, the Palaeontology Museum and the City Museum and Archives you know you will be in for an interesting time. The area is full of parks that also have lovely play areas for children to enjoy. Cycle around exploring the city and also visit the Larnaca Salt Lake. Get in touch with Hotelslog for all inclusive holidays to Larnaca. Book holidays to Larnaca for a holiday of a lifetime as you enjoy the varying sights and sounds of this beautiful Cyprian city.

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