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Nicosia is the capital of Cyprus and is now also the financial capital and an international business center. Nicosia is a brilliant mix of all the historic elements that helped form Nicosia into the interesting destination it is today. Walk along the narrow winding roads to explore such places as the Cyprus Museum which has interesting collections of Neolithic and Roman artefacts. The thick city wall is impressive and was built be Venetians in the 1600s. It now acts as a market between the modern city and the ancient. Visit the ancient area to take a journey back in time as the architecture depicts the varying ages of history. A walking tour is a great way to really get a feel for Nicosia. Explore Nicosia with all inclusive holidays by Hotelslog. All your travel requirements will be looked after so you can concentrate on absorbing Nicosia interests. Book holidays to Nicosia and make memories that will last a lifetime.

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