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Estonia is a Baltic nation in Northern Europe possessing land boundaries with both Latvia and Russia. Estonia's shoreline rest on the Baltic ocean and the Gulf of Finland. It is a Baltic jewel providing travellers the opportunity to visit a small energetic land on the coast of the Baltic Sea. Marvellous beaches dot the broad shoreline, but the swimming season is brief. The continents land is levelled, marshy, and half forested; away from the shoreline rest nearly 1,500 islands and islets. Estonians have an exceptional fondness for nature, and most would tell you that they would rather relax beneath a tree in a vacant jungle or trek in a national park than virtually anything else. Estonia's peaceful, relaxed and unimpaired Baltic islands offer a magnificent escape to nature. The leading reason many tourists first arrive to Estonia is to visit the best preserved and unharmed early metropolis in Europe ? Tallinn, it is also on the UNESCO's World Heritage list. Book holidays to Estonia with Hotelslog and profit from our all-inclusive holidays which include cheap flights, affordable lodging and flexible booking options. We at Hotelslog are committed to make sure that your holiday to Estonia is unforgettable!

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