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A largely undiscovered jewel in the Mediterranean coastline of France, Marseilles is a 2000 year old port city that rises majestically over the shores of C?te d?Azure. Flaunting an indisputable old world charm complete with stunning beaches, inspiring art, ancient monuments and a dynamic culture, it?s no wonder why holidays in Marseille is rising in popularity. If travel to Marseille is high on your bucket list, then Basilique Notre-Dame de la Garde is a not-to-be-missed attraction. An iconic landmark, Basilique Notre-Dame de la Garde towers 154 meters above the city and the statue of the Virgin Mary stretching skywards is indeed a spectacle to behold. Another primary attraction in Marseille is Ch?teau d'If. Built in 1527and occupying an island of its own, Ch?teau d'If was France?s very own Alcatraz. It was used as a prison in the 17th century and was also the place of inspiration for the popular novel ?The Count of Monte Cristo? by Alexandre Dumas. Don?t forget to explore Saint Victor Abbey which is the oldest church in Marseille. Built by the graves of the land?s first martyrs, its history echoes from within this building, which was used as a prison, church, barrack and warehouse throughout history. Garden of Remains, or Jardin Des Vestiges as its known locally, is another must-see attraction which is a rich archaeological site that was discovered in 1967. This beautiful garden, which is a history lover?s ultimate destination, contains Greek and Roman remains and most of its find are the ruins of the old port. For a more relaxed outing, visit Le Panier which is a picture straight out of the French literary dreamscapes. With narrow streets sporting pastel-hued shutters, steep staircases and charming beauty, a stroll along this neighbourhood will lead you down a captivating path.

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