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Holidays in Toulouse have quickly risen in popularity - and for good reason too. Dubbed as ?La Ville Rose? or ?The Pink City? owing to the glow of its rosy-hued bricked buildings, Toulouse is situated at the heart of Southwestern France. While it is known for being an industrial city, Toulouse still manages to maintain a cool, laid-back vibe and it?s a common sight to see people chilling out at pretty outdoor cafes as they catch some chit-chat. Toulouse prides itself in being home to some amazing fine arts and archaeology in addition to an abundance of attractions. From mesmerizing museums and architectural landmarks to beautiful gardens and much more, there are no shortage of things to see and explore in Toulouse. Basilica of Saint Sernin is a significant landmark in Toulouse. The grand Basilica of Saint Sernin has been labeled as one of the greatest churches in France and the architecture of this church is absolutely incredible as is its interior design and art. Be sure to take a guided tour of the church as you learn about all the history surrounding this iconic attraction while taking a stroll along the grounds. For a serene experience, pay a visit to Jardin Japonais. This pleasant garden is truly an epitome of zen. As a very picturesque garden, Jardin Japonais is home to some beautiful sights and smells of an array of flowers. The garden also features a stone garden, a bright red moon bridge and a tea pavilion on the premises. There are a variety of wildlife in this garden and this includes koi fish and an abundance of birds. With ample benches and seating areas, this garden is the perfect retreat to sit down and reflect in the midst of utmost serenity.

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