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Cologne is located on the river Rhine, it's the biggest city in North Rhine-Westphalia and the fourth biggest city in Germany with nearly 1.000.000 residents, in the greater region 3.500.000 residents. It is one of the nation's leading media, tourism and business locations. Cologne is famous as been one of the most tolerant cities in Germany. The unique impression to the city of Cologne is frequently connected to the city's occupants, or K?lsche, who take a huge load of joy in their city. Cologne's inhabitants are very warm and cheerful, greeting travellers of all sorts and with all amusements. Cologne has one of the world's leading offerings of museums and galleries for a city of its magnitude. As well as excellent museums of art and excavations, Cologne possess two museums of priestly art, both accommodated in structurally amazing constructions. There is also an ethnographic museum, a chocolate museum, the German Sport Museum and an amplitude of Roman remnant?s. Book holidays to Cologne with Hotelslog and gain from our all-inclusive holidays which include affordable flights, cheap lodging and flexible booking options. We at Hotelslog are committed to make sure that your holiday to Cologne is unforgettable!

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