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Dortmund is a city in the North Rhine-Westphalia district in Germany. The Christmas Market in Dortmund is one of the biggest in Germany and host of the biggest Christmas 'tree' in the world; actually a pile of various miniature trees. It is open from late November. The middle of the city is a shopping mile with splendid shops on everything from clothing and shoes to books and media to electronics or jewelry, extending down the Hellweg, the Rheinoldi-Church in its hub, the Thier-Gallerie is also becoming very famous now, it's Dortmund's first mall and one of the biggest personally funded structures in Europe! It is also residents to some of the world famous breweries and you will consequently miss something if you don?t savor at least some of its 'liquid gold'. There is plenty to do and see here; from parks to museums and also Hohensyburg, which is a famous destination in the south of Dortmund, Remains of the Syburg, from the year 1100, Vincke-Tower and a stunning sight above the Ruhr Valley from the Kaiser-Wilhelm Memorial, at the end of the 19th century. Book holidays to Dortmund with Hotelslog and profit from our all-inclusive holidays which comprise of cheap flights, affordable lodging and adjustable booking choices. We at Hotelslog are devoted to make sure that your holiday to Dortmund is memorable!

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