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Nuremberg is a city in the German nation of Bavaria, in the managerial area of Middle Franconia; it is Bavaria's second biggest city following Munich. It is located on the Pegnitz river and the Main-Danube Canal. It is situated around 105 miles north of Munich. This destination would likely come close to various travellers belief of a usually classic German city: On the one hand one could discover half-timbered homes, medieval churches inside a gothic city wall in the shade of the high regal castle, which was one of the most significant habitations of the rulers of the Holy Roman Empire. On the other hand, Nuremberg and the encircling cities are the domain to various popular German firms, e.g. Adidas, Diehl, Faber-Castell, Playmobil, Puma and many divisions of commercial giant Siemens. Finally, Nuremberg even could live up to succulent assumptions with breweries and beer garden and its most popular dish, the Nuremberg sausages with Sauerkraut. Book holidays to Nuremburg with Hotelslog and profit from our top deals which include cheap flights, affordable lodging and adjustable booking choices. We at Hotelslog are devoted to make sure that your holiday to Nuremburg is the best one ever!

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