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Placed strategically at the jaws of Africa and Europe, Gibraltar, with its stunning Palladian architecture and lively population of camera-loving Barbary macaques, is full of sublime surprises. Also known as ?The Rock? or ?Gib?, Gibraltar is a cacophony of Spanish, North African and English cultures. Famous for its subtropical climate, Gibraltar is a beautiful monolithic peninsula riddled with curious caves and tunnels. On the top of its limestone base, unique vegetation thrives as well as many species of migrating birds. With stunning views and glorious attractions, this little Brisitsh enclave on the Mediterranean is awash with wonders making holidays in Gibraltar an experience to relish. Topping the list of places to visit in Gibraltar is the St Michael's Cave. To be found inside the Rock, St Michael?s Cave is placed a 1000ft above sea level and is known for its spectacular stalactite and stalagmite formations. The cave is part of a complex series of interlinked caves, including the Lower St Michael's Cave and Leonara?s Cave. Today, this cave is used to host concerts and ballads. The Upper Galleries that were hewn by hand from the Rock itself house tableaux and old cannons from the Great Siege.

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