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Turquoise seas lapping against sandy beaches, stunning countryside?s and secret coves make up the gorgeous Mediterranean Island of Crete. Discover paradise by booking all-inclusive budget holidays to Crete with Hotelslog. Enjoy the sun-kissed beaches while sports enthusiasts can indulge in surfing, kitesurfing and sailing. The seas around Crete are home to many colourful marine-life making diving and snorkelling a pleasure. Relax as kids are kept occupied at the wonderful water-parks. Nature has blessed this beautiful Mediterranean island with natural parks and mountains for you to explore. Enjoy the views across the bay as lush flora and fauna surrounds you in a burst of colour. Partake in hiking, mountain climbing, mountain-biking and hand-gliding across magnificent gorges and mountains. Discover the wonders of Crete?s beautiful caves. Mythology and ancient civilizations have left you marvellous artefacts to explore. Encounter ancient temples, drawings and historical monuments dedicated to ancient Gods. Myth and history intermingle for a melting pot of traditions, cultures and cuisine. Enjoy delicious local food and the vibrant nights of dancing under starry skies. There?s loads of fun on offer at the many bars and club in the city. For the cheapest flights and best affordable accommodation check out the all-inclusive holiday packages to Crete from Hotelslog we also include flexible booking options for maximum convenience. Get planning today-Discover Crete!

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