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Hotels In Zakynthos Island

Third largest island on the gorgeous Ionian Sea Zakynthos is home to stunning cliffs dropping off to the sea and the infamous blue caves. Located on the western coast of Greece this beautiful island is yours to enjoy with cheap holidays to Zakynthos from Hotelslog. Plan your Greek holiday with Hotelslog; our inexpensive all-inclusive holidays are suited to any budget, benefit from cheap accommodation, low-cost flights and flexible booking options. Our experts are ready to help with seasonal planning and selecting the best discounted holiday packages. Agios Nikolaos is home to the ferry-port with a beautiful bay sheltered by grand mountains. There are plenty of seafood restaurants along the bay for some rest and relaxation here. Book holidays to Zakynthos and discover the pebble beach of Keri and visit the lighthouse for a stunning sunset. Zakynthos known for its Easter blooms and crisp winters is very beautiful, make sure you talk to Hotelslog for advice on seasonal activity and choose to visit at a time the island is most spectacular. A must visit are the Blue Caves, hollow arches carved into the cliffs boasting azure blue waters. Book your unforgettable holiday to Zakynthos today!

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