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A land of fire, ice, wind and stone-Iceland is an experience of nature?s best. Book all-inclusive holidays to Iceland from Hotelslog, and enjoy silent fjords, lava fields and gorgeous indigo oceans off icy-shores. Iceland in all its natural glory is pure pleasure, geo-thermal lagoons to soak-in, leisurely treks along magnificent ice-caps and sleeping under a kaleidoscope of colours as ?Aurora Borealis? mesmerizes and the midnight-sun engulfs you in glow of pink. Lose yourself in the romance of this ancient island, harsh and enticing the warmest soul of Iceland are its people, welcoming and friendly the locals are all too happy to whisk you off for a friendly drink, or cosy-meal. Scandinavian history is scattered throughout; and apart for the great-stories of ultimate bravery the remains of turf-houses, mysterious ruins, dedications to ancient-gods and cultural-traditions the island keeps its secrets in the melancholy cairns. Lose track of time-equinox in Iceland sees endless days and nights, enjoy the spectacular waterfalls and rugged lava fields of the north, fjords and glaciers of the west and popular tourist attractions of the south, not to be missed is the ?Golden Circle?. Plan your vacation with all-inclusive holidays to Iceland from Hotelslog for cheapest flights, affordable accommodation and flexible booking options. Discover the stark beauty of the Arctic and timeless secrets of ancient tribes. Discover-Iceland!

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