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Hotels In Reykjavik

Stunningly beautiful Reykjavik capital is Iceland?s tourist hub. Book all-inclusive holidays to Reykjavik from Hotelslog for a great family holiday or journey of self-discovery and enjoy unlimited possibilities. You can discover Reykjavik by foot, a marvellous pathway and walking structure is available for maximum enjoyment of the gorgeous city. Start off from the coast and make your way past salmon rivers, scenic golf courses and sandy beaches. The old town with its traditional houses is a treat to explore while gem of the city Tjornin Lake located in the city centre is surrounded by a music park, swamp and bird reserve. Feed the ducks on the pond, chat to the locals and relax. To the north is the fjord. Enjoy stunning parks, botanical gardens and the hills and forests of Oskhjulio offering gorgeous views of the surrounding area. Traditional buildings, impressive architecture and Reykjavik Cathedral are must visits. ?Imagine Peace Tower? a monument erected in honour of John Lennon is a marvellous tower of light projecting its beacon across the city. The city offers great restaurants and cosy bars for enjoying local hospitality while shopaholics will not be disappointed with the impressive collection of shops. All-inclusive holidays to Reykjavik include cheap flights, affordable accommodation and flexible booking options experience an unforgettable holiday in a wintery paradise of fabulous proportions.

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