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Good food, historical villages, hills, lakes and lush vineyards will enthral you in Rome. Enjoy a family vacation or exploration trip to eternal Rome. Each region boasts a rich kaleidoscope of wonders from gorgeous Mediterranean coasts to rolling hills. All-inclusive holidays to Rome from Hotelslog offer a treasure trove of wonders. Archaeological buffs explore Roman roads, royal homes and aqueducts while history seekers can get lost amidst the ancient Etruscan and Roman ruins. Gorgeous Lake Bracciano is the backdrop for Orsini Castle one of Europe?s exquisite feudal residencies. Relax and rejuvenate at seaside resorts of Ladispoli, Fregene and Fiumicino. Discover ?Ostia-Antica? remains of Rome?s oldest colony while Castelli Romani set amidst the green hills offer fine cuisine and medieval villages to explore. The coastlines are dotted with tourist hot-spots, offering water sports, diving and hiking. Head over to Lake Albano for canoeing and mountain biking. Enjoy your evenings at the hip night-clubs located along the coast or experience Roman Theatre at the Ostia Archaeological site. Indulge in personal pampering at ancient spas, Roman baths and wellness centres. Gastronomical delights, exquisite wines and warm loving locals are treats to savour. All inclusive Holiday packages to Rome from Hotelslog include cheap flights, budget accommodation and flexible booking options. Answer the call of Rome and enjoy a fantastic holiday!

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