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Sardinia is an amazing travel destination in Italy, ideal to soak up the sun, wonder at nature and relish some fancy entertainment. One of the top methods to find all the charms that this island has to provide is an on-the-road tour, even better, if you tour Sardinia during the off-season. Travel to Sardinia and you?ll discover that it mesmerizes with its rough environs, marvelous beaches and charming peculiarities. Here seaside trips delight, early history confuses and four million sheep govern the streets. Providing extensive white beaches, colorful past and an exceptional recipe selection, holidays to Sardinia add their personal shade to the green, white and red of the Italian flag. If you?ve never visited Sardinia before, you may hope for the island to be a compressed mirror image of the Italian land. But you?d be incorrect. The contrast begins with the dialect. Sardinian or Sardo is as frequently conversed as Italian here. On your holidays in Sardinia you?ll also learn that the architectural contributions are diverse to the rest of Italy, as well. This is due to the reason that the island was at one point the natural rest stop for kingdoms traveling across the Mediterranean Sea. The Phoenicians, Vandals and Byzantines all left their imprint on the place. But the effect that?s clearest is the Spanish one. Alghero was populated by the Spanish Catalans for thousands of years. The town?s road marks are still written in Catalan and the blueprint of the church roars about its Catalan origins.

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