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Hotels In Sliema

Fancy a stay in Malta?s hippest holiday resort? Complete with modern bars, restaurants and shops? Book the all-inclusive holiday packages from Hotelslog and enjoy a relaxing break, family holiday or party weekend. Wonderfully convenient most amenities in Sliema are within walking distance. A large foreign population adds a cosmopolitan ambiance to the city. Enjoy the excellent beaches. Stone edged natural pools offer safe swimming for families while Exiles beach is a popular stretch ending at the famous exiles club. Tigne is great for swimming and enjoying the gorgeous sights of the nearby islands. Lido in sunny weather comes to life with clubs restaurants and classy restaurants while Sliema itself has a good collection of resort clubs, good restaurants and hip bars for plenty of evening entertainment. Remember the devoutly catholic natives of Sliema relish conservative behaviour therefore topless sun bathing or drunken rowdiness is frowned upon. A good collection of shops will satisfy the shopaholic, while the sunny blue skies and soothing weather promises to relax and rejuvenate as you enjoy and explore the city. Go ahead and enjoy the local hospitality as locals are quite welcoming towards tourists. Simply book the all-inclusive holidays to Sliema with Hotelslog for super savings. We include the cheapest flights, best budget accommodation for the whole family and even flexible booking options.

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