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Rotterdam is a town and city in the Dutch territory of South-Holland, located in the west of The Netherlands and a portion of the Randstad. The town is the second biggest in the country (trailing Amsterdam), with inhabitants of about 601,300 locals and around 2.9 million citizens in its tow region (incorporated with The Hague). The harbour of Rotterdam is the biggest in Europe. From 1962 to 2004, it was the world's active dock; then it was replaced by Shanghai. Presently Rotterdam is the fourth largest harbour in the world. Rotterdam is famous as a metropolis of structure. A couple of square kilometers of the city hub provides an entire survey of what the twentieth century has manufactured in terms of current construction. The ambience of Rotterdam is completely clear-cut from other Dutch towns. The mindset could be ideally related as 'can do'. From the waiters you encounter to the businessmen and the citizens who have just appeared as immigrants, all of them whisper an energetic hope of going ahead with stuff and their municipality. Book holidays to Rotterdam with Hotelslog and gain from our all-inclusive holidays which comprise of cheap flights, affordable accommodation and adjustable booking choices. We at Hotelslog are committed to make sure that your holiday to Rotterdam is a memorable one!

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