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Poland?s second largest city, enjoying the scenic banks of the Vistula River is located at the foot of the gorgeous Carpathian Mountains. Discover unimaginable historical gems with all-inclusive holidays to Krakow from Hotelslog. Explore the old town, home to Wawel Castle Hill, Nowy Swiat (new world) and the historic quarter-World Heritage Site. Kazimierz-old medieval city displays a Christian and Jewish quarter. Western Krakow is an explosion of greenery, Las Wolski Forests and Kosciusko Mounds. The southern part consists of walks along the banks of scenic Vistula River while exploring the Tyniec Monastery is not to be missed. The rich history of one of Europe?s oldest cities is reflected in medieval, Gothic and renaissance architecture resplendent in the old palaces and historical houses. Museums are plenty chronicling royalty, crafts and ancient traditions. Shopaholics will love the seasonal markets held in Krakow, Christmas market is one of its oldest traditions. Old town is wealth of shops for jewellery, art and clothes while Rynek ?boasts top-end stores. Enjoy delicious traditional favourites as well as fine dining at star class restaurants. Night-life is plenty in Krakow with chic clubs and bars offering the right ambiance for enjoyment. Hankering to get there? Simply book all-inclusive holidays to Krakow from Hotelslog and enjoy cheap flight, affordable accommodation and flexible booking options. Discover timeless traditions-Discover Krakow!

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