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The metropolis and biggest city of Romania, as well as its ethnic, factory, and economic hub. It is situated in the southeast of the country, on the edge of the D?mbovi?a River, under 60 km (37.3 mi) north of the Danube River and the Bulgarian perimeter. Bucharest has a wet global weather Dfa. Due to its location on the Romanian Plain, the city's winters could get breezy, even though some of the winds are lessened because of colonization. Winter climates frequently plunges beneath 0 ?C (32 ?F), occasionally even to -20 ?C (-4 ?F). During summer, the normal climate is 23 ?C (73 ?F) (the usual for July and August). Climates often attain 35 to 40 ?C (95 to 104 ?F) during mid-summer in the city hub. Bucharest has distinctive structures and landmarks; the most important of these is the Palace of the Parliament, constructed during the 1980s in the rule of Communist oppressor Nicolae Ceau?escu. The biggest Parliament construction in the world, the Palace holds the Romanian Parliament, and the National Museum of Contemporary Art. Discover this destination by booking all-inclusive holidays to Bucharest with Hotelslog including cheap flights, affordable accommodation and flexible booking choices. Organise your holiday to Bucharest right now!

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