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Menorca or Minorca, is one of the Balearic Islands situated in the Mediterranean Sea owned by Spain. Its title stems from its magnitude, comparing it with neighboring Majorca. Book flights to Menorca and arrive on the sun-drenched coasts after a little time on Mallorca or Ibiza and you?ll see the descent in volume ? here it's more birdsong than Pete Tong. The easternmost Balearic island progresses to its own smooth beat. Its ensemble of sea-splattered metropolises, eastern Anglo-Spanish Ma? and western labyrinth-like Ciutadella, are pleasantly toned-down and unique, and the white- and golden-sand coves that dot its 216km shoreline are amid the prettiest in the Mediterranean. Inside, the island is still particularly rustic, with a projected 70,000km of dry-stone ramparts overlapping meadows and spinning hills amid whitewashed settlements. Travel to Menorca and you?ll find that this gorgeous island is a real holiday heaven. Less common and packed than the nearby Majorca, Ibiza and Formentera, this tiny island is really filled with natural resources, fantasy beaches and various pursuits. During your holidays in Menorca you?ll learn that all through the isle, landscapes have transformed little over the last couple of years. The north is concealed by pine, olive and carob jungles, that frequently spread to the ocean. The south, on the other hand, is categorized by scarce and low flora (mostly juniper, myrtle and daphne). There isn't any actual peak on the island, but trekkers and hikers would be able to locate many tiny precipices, valleys and stony environments to tour.

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