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Sweden, which inhabits the eastern portion of the Scandinavian Peninsula, is the fourth-biggest country in Europe and is one-tenth bigger than California. To the south and east are central wetlands and south of them are fruitful regions of jungles, dales, and pastures. Down Sweden's stony shore, split up by coves and creeks, are various islands, the biggest of which are Gotland and ?land. Sweden encounters radical variations amid its lengthy summer days and fairly lengthy winter nights. During the summer, the sun remains in the sky around the clock in the sections of ?Sweden north of the Arctic Circle, but even as far south as Stockholm (59?N) the June nights have only couple of hours of semi-darkness. With its lengthy shores and various lakes, Sweden also has a wealthy range of marine life, in 1910, it was the first European country to create national parks, mostly in the hilly regions of Norrland. Many nature parks and ethnic inheritance regions have also been set-up around the country. Discover Sweden by booking all-inclusive holidays to Sweden with Hotelslog consisting of inexpensive flights, cheap lodgings and adaptable booking options. Plan your holiday to Sweden right now and experience it like never before!

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