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The second-biggest city in Sweden and the fifth-biggest in the Nordic countries. Located by the Kattegat, on the west shore of Sweden, the city actually has citizens of about 543,005, with 549,839 in the town region and 973,261 occupants in the city district. Gothenburg is situated on the west shore, in southwestern Sweden, around halfway amid the metropolises Copenhagen, Denmark, and Oslo, Norway. The island of Gothenburg includes uneven, vain stones and ridges, which also is usual for the shore of Bohusl?n. Because of the Gulf Stream, the city has a warm weather and somewhat weighty rain. Gothenburg has many parks and nature reserves varying in magnitude from tens of square meters to hundreds of hectares. It also has various green sections that are not appointed as parks or reserves. A couple of homes remain from the 17th century when the city was established, considering all but the military and royal homes were constructed of wood, an unusual peculiarity is the Skansen Kronan. Book holidays to Gothenburg with Hotelslog and gain from our all-inclusive holidays which include affordable flights, cheap lodgings and flexible booking options. We at Hotelslog are devoted to make sure that your holiday to Gothenburg is unforgettable!

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