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The stunning, hilly country of Switzerland is enclosed in south-central Europe, and is one of the most famous travel destinations in the world. Switzerland savors a broad scope of wildlife and floral territory. Thanks to the large contrast in height, weather and plant regions, there are various distinct domains. Sixty percent of the top is engulfed with the Alps, a tall mountain scale which extends from the southwest to the northeast. The ravines of rivers like the Rh?ne and the pre Rhine punctures across the Alp range. The normal altitude of the Alps is around 1700 meters. There are around hundred peaks of 4000 meters tall. Roughly 3000 square km of the Alps is engulfed with iceberg?s and continuous snow. The biggest iceberg is the Grosse Aletsch-iceberg with a top of 115 square km. Normally, icebergs survive only at an altitude over 2000 meters. Until 2000 meters? altitude the Alps are shielded with forests for the biggest portion. Discover Switzerland by booking all-inclusive holidays to Switzerland with Hotelslog including cheap flights, affordable accommodations and flexible booking choices. Organise your holiday with us to Switzerland right away and experience it like never before!

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