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Zurich has had the privilege of ranking on the top of a list of 25 best cities in the world to live in and has on numerous occasions received mentions as the city with the best quality of life and as the wealthiest city in Europe. Even if you do not plan on living there visiting this vibrant city is a must. Zurich has a staggering 50 plus museums and over 100 galleries which lay claim to the importance this city places on the arts and culture. A definite must visit is the Swiss National Museum. Do not forget the amazing shopping that Zurich has on offer as well. In Zurich you will enjoy breathtaking views of the snow tipped Alps as you enjoy the amazing food served at the many types of restaurants around Zurich. You can sink your teeth into homemade cakes and pastries while sipping a perfect cup of coffee at the cozy cafes that dot the city, while at the many bars around you can enjoy an evening drink. To make the most of your holiday to Zurich choose holiday packages from Hotelslog. These all inclusive holidays to Zurich make travel convenient as all the details are taken care of, from air tickets, to accommodation to arranging interesting tours. Treat yourself to an amazing holiday in Zurich.

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