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Startling blue skies, gorgeous Mediterranean weather and a burst of colourful customs and traditions are traits of Turkey?s continent wide city Istanbul. Enjoy a memorable vacation of discovery with all-inclusive holidays to Istanbul from Hotelslog. Savour Byzantine architecture in the Sultan Ahmet region. Visit Hagia Sophia a beautiful Blue mosque, Ottoman inspired Topkapi Palace and wondrous Istanbul Museum. Wander the winding streets, bargain at the dazzling bazars and stop for a cup of fragrant coffee at the lovely street cafes. Remember to swing by Grand Bazar the world?s largest indoor market. Drink in the street performers, watch the hustle and bustle of everyday life and settle in with a snack and drink at a terrace caf?. Close to Istanbul are the tranquil environs of Princess Island. Enjoy a boat cruise to the island and tour the island in a horse drawn carriage as no cars are allowed on the island. Seat of the Ottoman Empire, Istanbul sits between historic Bosporus Strait, the sparking strait can be crossed from several bridges or with a scenic boat tour. Get there and discover more, simply book all-inclusive holidays to Istanbul from Hotelslog and enjoy cheap flights, affordable accommodation for the whole family and flexible booking options. Nothing beats a tropical vacation of sun, fun and sea. Plan your trip today discover-Istanbul!

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