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Hotels In Kemer

Classy seaside resort Kemer promises all the thrills of a vibrant Mediterranean holiday, from water sports to swimming, golfing and diving under the lush blue skies of Turkey. Get there and savour this great resort with all-inclusive holidays to Kemer from Hotelslog. Classy Kemer boasts five star resorts and a large marina where one can see elegant yachts bobbing on the glistening water. Get there with family or friends and enjoy, swimming in the gorgeous Mediterranean, sun-bathing or snoozing on the sun kissed golden beaches amidst a spectacular sunset. Look beyond the pristine beaches and discover a magnificently beautiful country, lush mountains frame the coast making ideal trekking paths while the fresh scent of orange and lemon orchards will fill your senses. Swim in the warm ocean or ski down the icy slopes of Mount Tahtali in winter, that?s right although tropical Kemer is a beautiful land of diverse attractions. The Tahtali Aerial cable car ride is a wondrous experience, the second longest in the world the cable car crosses, pine groves and gorgeous valleys. There are 7th century artefacts to explore here while the city centre is resplendent with many clubs, bars and restaurants for a vibrant night out. All-inclusive holidays to Kemer from Hotelslog include cheap flights and affordable accommodation, get planning today and enjoy Kemer!

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