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Massive, varied and mainly unexplored, Ukraine is one of Europe?s last authentic travel borders, a country wealthy in vibrant customs, kind people and off-the-map encounters. Ukraine is gigantic. Actually, it's Europe?s largest nation (not counting Russia, which isn?t completely in Europe) and packs plenty of variety into its boundaries. You could be climbing around the Carpathians looking for the Hutsul celebrations, drinking Eastern Europe?s best coffee in classy Lviv and having fun on the beach in Odesa all in a couple of days. Many tourists start in the ancient capital metropolis of Kiev, perhaps one of the most stunning towns in Europe. Historic lanes, remarkable construction, attractive scenery, and plenty of ancient and spiritual locations guarantee a traditionally elevating holiday. The other main appeal for Ukraine travelers is the pure charm of the country, with regions such as the Carpathian and Crimean mountain scales; the Black Sea and Sea of Asov; and the Crimean Peninsula, a common tourist sanctuary with its warm weather, popular resorts, the past, and ancient metropolises like Yalta and Sevastopol. Book holidays to Ukraine with Hotelslog and profit from our all-inclusive holidays consisting of cheap flights, inexpensive accommodation and malleable booking choices. We at Hotelslog are dedicated to make certain that your holiday to Ukraine is a memorable one!

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