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Hotels In Herodion

When you are vacationing in the historic nation of Israel, plan your holidays to Herodion, one of the most famous archaeological sites in the country. The Herodion acquires its name from the famed King Herod, who constructed the Herodion complex as his personal summer palace, and to serve as an imposing fortress, a powerful monument, a worthy burial ground, and the area?s district capital. Although Herod constructed a multitude of projects during the height of his power, the Herodion is the most famous and the only one that carries his name. The Herodion is situated 15km south of the capital Jerusalem, and roughly 5km south-east of the town of Bethlehem. It was built somewhere during 23-20 B.C. When you visit this stunning ancient monument, you will discover that is divided into two prominent sections. Upper Herodion consists of the palace complex, framed by a fortress. Lower Herodion is situated at the bottom of the mountain, and harbours the palace annexes and apartments that were to be used by family and friends of the king, as well as housing the offices of the capital. It is truly a majestic testament to one of Israel?s most famous monarchs. To ensure hassle-free travel in the region, book your all inclusive holidays to Herodion and Israel through Hotelslog, a convenient online portal for all your travel needs!

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