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Hotels In Tel Aviv

Famed as one of the most happening cultural locations around the world, the city of Tel Aviv is a fabulous, bustling metropolitan city, decorated with glamorous malls, fascinating historical sites, and a charming local culture that simply cannot be beat! Book your holidays to Tel Aviv and discover the wonders of this famous Israeli city! Tour the historic old city section of Jaffa, which is saturated in history and significance. It is believed to be the point where Jonah was swallowed by the whale in biblical lore. Grab some charming trinkets and souvenirs at Jaffa?s well-known Flea Market. Jaffa?s railway station is also a great place for you to snag some great bargains. Meet great people and party until the wee hours of the dawn in Tel Aviv Port, which is famed for its stylish selection of bars and pubs. Spend some quality cash and relax at the Dizengoff Centre, which is the largest and most iconic shopping venue in Israel. Sample delicious local treats and delicacies, at exciting food markets that take place every Thursday and Friday. Walk through the iconic Rothschild Boulevard, which features some stunning Bauhaus architecture. Stroll through the famous Joshua Gardens and enjoy one of the lushest areas in the city. Plan your all inclusive holidays to Tel Aviv through our Hotelslog, your convenient online travel portal!

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