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Qatar may be one of the more conservative Middle-Eastern countries but that does not mean that it is any less an interesting to tourists. It has its fair share of activities and sights that must definitely be experienced which include the sapphire blue skies, luxurious hotels and rich history. There are many options to keep you entertained here whether it?s the spectacular shores of the Doha Corniche a hub for hotels, restaurants and beaches, the port town of Al Khor or Palm Tree Island perfect to spend a quiet day. The cities in Qatar are filled with many shopping opportunities and is quite a popular pastime here because of it. If you feel like you would prefer a more traditional shopping experience then head down to one of the markets commonly known here as Souqs. It?s a wonderful destination if you are travelling with a family as it has its very own version of Disney world known as the Kingdom of Aladdin theme park. The days here are hot and sunny but the weather cools down considerably during the winter months making it great for a winter holiday. Hotelslog will provide you with the beast deals on flights and accommodation to Qatar and provide you with a travel package to suit your needs.

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